The bird and the soilder

by: Jake Erkens

Joy gives you wings
In difficult circumstances;
The problems don't go away,
but you can rise above them

Joy is not just a feeling or emotion
Joy is the pleasure of life
Life in itself cannot be life without Joy
Life is hard, but Joy can overcome it

Joy is only there if you accept it
Joy can be found at any time of the day
Say Joy were an angel, it would save you
Say Joy were a demon, it would haunt you

However, Joy can be anything you like or love
Mainly Joy comes to help you through life

Times of trials comes
Times of sadness comes
Joy is in the heart
Joy is bigger then sadness

Joy gives you wings to live another day
Joy is the reason why people smile back at you
Joy is Joy when you accept it

Instead of being the mom who was in charge of everything today, I got to go to a friends house and swim and enjoy friendship all day.

While Lu slept, I had this precious 45 minutes to play with my boys. To really play and laugh and make up silly jumps off the diving board.

That's all we did, jump off the diving board.

I'll be honest, I had this moment of not wanting to do it, but I thought, this would be fun to do with them, and I should do it. So I forced myself into the pool and into their world.

Moms rarely get to play. They are too busy taking care of the baby, holding the baby, preparing for a meal or cleaning up from meal. They are organizing all the activities, or changing diapers, or wiping butts or putting band aids on. Or to be totally honest, if everyone is busy, just sitting down and talking to another adult without interruption is the best thing in the world, so you sometimes you don't want to join the fun, you just want to sit.

Today I got to play and it filled my heart with joy.

When I play with my kids it gives me the opportunity to fall in love with them all over again. It shows me their laugh, their silliness, their imagination.

Playing with my kids reconnects me and strengthens the bond I have with them.

I am so thankful to my friend who provided the house and the sitter and the meals for a wonderful day away. A day away from responsibility and all the things that prevent me from playing with my kids.

Being reminded of that kind of play and joy has helped remind me to find it in my everyday life. To make the time to play. To force myself to be aware of the joy. I don't always have to be the rule enforcer, and dinner can sometimes wait.

I want more joy in my life.

Caleb's best jump was the bird where he pretended to be a bird even drowning in the water.

Noah's best jump was the solider.

I think mine was a flip since I'd never done one before! Yay go me!