The Tutors

I am currently slightly addicted to the Showtime TV show, The Tutors. OK, I lie, I am REALLY addicted to it. If you get past the flesh of the show, it just gets me thinking about so many things, the primary one being the station of women.

To be given in marriage with no consent.

To be given into an affair with the blessing of your father to further your family's standing.

To watch your husband have elicit affair after affair and you can only sit by and watch because if you have an affair, there is no way to prove that the child you carry is your husbands which is critical for survival.

If you can't bear a son, you are nothing.

You are rendered useless once you have born a son. You have done your job and there is now no use for you.

You are not seen for who you are, but for what pleasure you can bring a man.

The woman has no voice, no vote, no opinion, no say.

If you were born a girl and not a boy, there was immediate disappointment. You were unwanted right from your birth.

My free American brain can not conceive these ideas, these limitations, this slavery.

I have an opinion about almost everything.

I have an avenue for my voice to be heard in multiple arena's.

I met a man and fell in love and got the joyous opportunity to marry him by choice.

My heart is saddened and heavy when I watch period pieces. It makes me so grateful, and thankful and indebted to all the men and women who fought for me to have this voice. All the time, energy, money, and lives that were sacrificed for me to have this voice.

It also makes me very aware that there are thousands of women who still live in prison.

Who have no voice.

Who have no choice.

Who have no one to listen.

Please pray for all the women and children and men who live in emotional, social, and political prisons.

OK, now I have to continue watching the next episode. I just can't help myself.