Results from Blood Test

And our journey continues.

Well, I haven't written in a few days because we went to Wyndgate Health on Monday and got our results from Noah's blood and urine testing. I have been very busy using all my free time to read up on our results. This is what was explained to me:

*DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical professional or even a medical novice. I am a mom who's child is bright, sensitive, kind and loving. He does however struggle with anger, rage on occasion, over dramatizing issues, anxiety, and extreme emotional swings. He is not Autistic or ADHD, however, a lot of the research connects sensatory issues with the previous. This blog is to recommunicate what I have learned and been told in the last couple days regarding our situation. This information is not to diagnose anyone else, or suggest you have these issues. This is our story, bathed in prayer, constant prayer and cries out to God to find the truth about what to do.

* Noah has a large Zinc, Iron, Vitamin D, and Vitamin B deficiency. We will be putting Noah on a compounded vitamin that will supply these and a few other vitamins that his body is lacking. Zinc and Iron are directly related to forming brain chemicals that helps in making choices, overreacting, and control. Vitamin D is often called the mood vitamin, much of what you get from the sun. Many people who live up north will understand this last one and most likely take it themselves.

* Noah's body also is struggling to process Casein and Gluten, the two main ingredients in Dairy and Wheat products. He has a leaky stomach. Basically what that means is that his intestines can't process these proteins into Amino Acids and then into Brain Chemicals.

* He is not allergic to Dairy and Gluten, but does have an intolerance. An intolerance reveals itself most often in behavioral problems, anxiety, lack of self control and physiological issues.

What this means for us is that our house will be going Gluten and Dairy and Soy Free. (It is recommended to also get rid of soy because of how it similar it is to gluten and dairy.) The results show that Noah's stomach is damaged and hurting him. He needs us to help him get better.

I have written in a couple days because I have been processing this information. When Laura explained all of this to me at Wyndate health, I didn't feel overwhelmed. I thought. "Oh. OK. Well, this means we'll essentially be healthier right?" How could I be overwhelmed when I didn't even fully realize what was expected of us? Exactly how life was going to change. So I was fine.

It was recommended to us to wean off dairy and gluten. The thing is, we were already low on milk, cheese, and had no yogurt in the house. We just ran out bread and were eating our last burgers and hot dogs with buns. I have a hard time going to the store and buying products that I now know are hurting my son, and possibly my husband and me. (Most of Noah's issues are passed on through one or both of us, so it was recommended that we all do the do the diet and see how we feel.) So why would I replace these items? I couldn't. So we have gone dairy and gluten free at a faster pace than expected. That's just fine, except I don't have a lot to replace these items, so we are just soaking up our fruits and veggies and chicken.

I cleaned out our pantry and extra food shelf and got rid of everything that wasn't GFDFSF (Gluten free, dairy free, soy free). Here is what we got rid off.

And this doesn’t' include our already opened boxes of cereal and refrigerated items.

So yesterday was the first day that we were really challenged in our new diet. I went to my mom's group and they had delicious chocolate doughnuts and pastries from Panera, my favorite. I didn't have any. Then when they came through to check to see if the kids could have fruit snacks, I had to check the ingredients. We had friends come over and want to bring pizza, and we had to say no. I made Oven roasted chicken in a red sauce, Trader Jo tator tots, and green beans.

Last night I went to a free workshop on the effects of Gluten and Casein and Soy in the diet. Last night is when I became the deer in the headlights lady. Wow, it was more medical information than I could process.

So that is our technical update of how our life is changing. All of my personal thoughts, feelings and responses will be posted in a blog right after this.