A little voice of truth

You know what's not so fun? Getting pulled over.

You know what's less fun? Getting pulled over with kids in the car.

A few months back, as the kids and I were jamming out to some fun music in the car, I didn't realize how fast I was going. Now, we had just gotten a new car that seems impossible NOT to speed in. It's a sweet fast truck, but I was too busy seat dancing with my kids to pay attention to the speed. And in the end, I didn't need to, because the police officer was doing it for me.

So there I am with my kids and I get a ticket. They decide that the officer is being mean to me giving me a ticket, where then I had to explain that I wasn't following the rules. This was my consequence. Yes kids, even adults get them.

Did I mention this was months ago? Well since then, every time the kids and I are jamming out to music in the car, I can count on my son to ask me if I am I am speeding. I can count on that like I can count on the sun rising. "Mommy, I know we are having fun. Are you speeding? Are you going the speed limit?"

I'll be honest, it was funny the first time. Yea, yea, yea, I got a ticket, I deserve that. Now though, it's a lot less funny. I have started to get annoyed that I have this little voice calling me back to be responsible. Reminding me of what I did wrong. Holding me accountable to not do it again. Every time the music is loud doesn't mean I'm speeding!

Then it got me thinking. Isn't that what we are to be for each other as the body of Christ? We are to help one another. Support one another in making better choices. Hold each other accountable. Because when we sin, we are likely to create habits out of it. It reveals to us what our weakness is. Which in turn, means we will struggle with it again later. The sin has weakened us, and thus we need help. We don't always like the correction. OK who ever really likes it? But it is necessary.

Truthfully, I need the voice of reason to call me back from speeding. Why? Because most of the time I am. Just ask my dad, I got my lead foot from him.

So instead of being annoyed at my kid for calling me out in my sin and struggle, I need to rejoice that I have a voice of truth strengthening me to do what's right.