I wonder

Most of the time I don't like how closed in I feel in my life. I wonder about other people around the world. I wonder what their lives are like. I wonder if they have somewhere to sleep. I wonder where people find comfort when their heart is broken or spirit broken, or their lives are broken. I currently wonder about all the people living in tents in Haiti. I wonder about about all the people who have no where to sleep in Japan. I wonder about all the villages I've never heard of around the world. I wonder about my neighbor who I don't really know.

I wonder what kind of difference I can make when the world seems so big. Do I become more understanding and full of grace the more people and cultures I encounter? Is my heart more capable of receiving others with the more cultures it understands? Can I really love all people, aka my neighbor, if I don't know them, understand them, or invest in them? How can I do those things, invest in these people, know what they are about if the daily needs of my self, my family and close friends take up all of my time? How can I love more, and my heart desperately wants to, when I feel I have no time or energy or space left?

I wonder.