Dusting off my passport

I have this opportunity that feels huge and it holds the potential to change the course of my heart. 

I am undereducated.

I am under experienced.

Under qualified.

Under skilled.

It shouldn't be me. Yet it is.

With the above statements being true, I straighten my shoulders, hold my head high and I crack my heart wide open, praying that God gives me grace to have eyes to see and wisdom to discern. 

I get the huge privilege of heading out to Honduras in less than two weeks for a 7 day development trip. I am honored to be on the ground level of designing and scheming and building relationships that will merge three very incredible organizations together that strive every day to honor kids and bring them out of poverty.

About a month ago I found myself in a conversation with Chad Amour, our housemate and and film maker with Humdinger Pictures, involving Honduras and Compassion International, along with Inverted Arts and Viva Network Talk Honduras. These three different organizations work tirelessly to love and see children. To advocate for them and be their voice when they don't have one. Our contact Tania (with Compassion) told us about the program The Good Treatment Campaign where children fight to be heard by adults in their communities to stop the violence against children. The beauty of that program along with starting an art camp to help give a voice to these students is what compelled me to get involved. 

It's children standing up for children's rights.

It's art education and inspiration to give voice to thoughts and feelings and spirituality. It provides an outlet for children who might not otherwise have one. It provides a way to communicate to those in need and those who have a way to help.

It's building relationships.

It's discovering a new culture and how they live and take care of their own.

I am so incredibly humbled to be on this journey and like all things I do, wanted to bring you along for the ride. I believe in the community we foster and I excited to share this journey with you.

The journey for me has already started as I research the country, organize my sitters and schedule, and start learning some spanish. I am excited to share this week of development with you. Including you in the conversations we have and the people we will meet.

As with all things that relate to community, I can't do this alone. If you feel compelled and want to be apart of this trip in a special way, I crave your support! With this being such short notice, I have a bout a week to raise $2000 to go. Yeah, you read right. By this Monday, April 6 I need my funding finalized, and if you feel so inclined, you can donate a tax free gift to Inverted Arts with "Dani Tietjen Honduras" in the memo line at the Donate page.

If supporting this trip in this way isn't possible for you, please keep Chad, Tania, Compassion, Inverted Arts, Viva Network Talk and myself in your prayers and thoughts. So many conversations and planning meetings will be happening the week we are in Honduras and above everything else, I can't wait to learn about this incredible organizations more and see what a partnership with them looks like.

Keep tuned to the blog where I will be sharing this whirlwind adventure with you.

Remember, we are here to make a difference and respond to the needs we see set before us. Let's do this together friends.