Eyes that see - Rim to Rim

What motivates you to action?  What motivates you to do something great and daring.  Something selfless and completely and totally out of the ordinary for someone else? 

Sometimes we need to do something amazing for our own spirit, and sometimes the need of someone else moves us to action.   I don't know which push you need, so I'm going to give you both.

With the evolution of the internet, the ends of the earth are at our finger tips.  We see stories of pain and heartache coming from countries we have only ever dreamed of.  Let's be honest, in any given hour if you watch TV, listen to the news, or browse the internet at any length, you will be given dozens of opportunities to give to amazing organizations doing incredible work around the globe.  I don't know about you, but with the magnitude of missions and organizations out there, I often feel so overwhelmed, that I start to tune them out.

You want real honesty?  I will confess to even hearing myself say, "OK, its another hungry kid, I get it."   

I feel helpless to help them all, so I don't help any.

 How are you to choose who gets your $50 or $100 bucks?  Or who gets your free time to volunteer and help out?   Habitat for Humanity?  The firemen that save our lives?  The vets out begging for food?  The orphans?  The abused animals?  The homeless?  The war victims in Africa?   Even writing this I feel overwhelmed with the needs of real people and don't know where to start.

If you have ever felt that way, I am writing this for you.  Right here and right now is your chance to do something.  To stop the cycle of impassivity.  We can't do nothing. Humanity calls us to do something.  

Eyes that See  is an organization that does work in Ethiopia.  They help release women from prostitution.  More than that, they create the safe place that is necessary and the counseling and leadership that is required to bring God's powerful healing to their lives.  They work towards healing and love for the body, soul and mind.  "Eyes that see" desires that these women would grow to understand their beauty and power that is theirs in Christ Jesus.  It is an amazing ministry that is doing incredible work.  Please check out their website to learn more about them.

The thing about this though is that at this moment, if you are still reading, this organization still doesn't have a face to it.   It's just another organization doing amazing work in some country around the world, and I'm just another blog telling you about it.

That is where my friend Steve Wiens comes in.   If you don't know who he is, I would highly recommend checking out his blog.  He is a man not just searching after God's heart, he is actively running towards it.  I know you will be blessed by his ministry if you take the time to read his blog or listen to his preaching.  

The really great thing about Steve is that he was inspired by Lynne Hybels blog, Maybe I can, can you.  Instead of just loving what Lynne was doing, or hoping that others would catch on and do great things, Steve stepped up.  Being the father of three small boys and a pastor at one of Mpls/St. Paul's biggest churches, he has excuses and reasons to say he is too busy.  Yet he didn't give in this time.  This time, he stepped out and is doing something insane.

Steve will be running the Grand Canyon on Sept. 15 from Rim to Rim.  (Which is right around the corner.)  He has worked his butt off to raise $50,000 to save 50 women out of a life of sexual slavery.   

50 freakin real life women. 

50 women with names. 

50 women who are daughters. 

50 women who are crying out for help, hoping to God someone hears them. 

What I love about what Steve is doing, is right out the gate he has invited people to join him on this journey.  He knows it takes all of us.  All of us who are waiting for that perfect thing to be called to support. 

Well people, here's your calling.  This is that perfect thing.  That organization with a name, a great story, and real women who need us. 

When I travel the country speaking I encourage my audience to open their eyes.  I tell them that "The need is the call".  If you see a need in front of you, then God is calling you to do something about it.  It's as simple as that.  That is God talking to you.  He is inviting you to bring heaven here on earth.  To ACTIVELY participate in creating more space for love while pushing the darkness out.

This is your chance. 

Steve is just under $9,000 away.  People from around the globe have given more than $41,000!  He is so close!   

41 women will be saved from sexual slavery. 

9 more need us. 

9 more. 

Those 9 women need to know that someone sees them.  That they are worth redeeming.  That they are worth love. 

Let's get Steve the rest of the way.  He is daring to do something great with you.  Join him.

Donate now.  


9 women. 

9 names. 

9 daughters.