Hello Concert Hall!

So this morning we received free tickets to Target's "introduce your kids to classical music" morning at the Ordway theater in St. Paul MN.

Here's us in front of the theater.

Here's what made this morning so fun and interesting;

1. We told the kids we were taking them to a kid concert at a theater. They instantly went to go get dressed up for the occasion. Middle decided that he would wear his play clothes UNDER his dress clothes so he can do a quick "costume" change after the concert. So look at the picture closely and you can see his jeans peeking out of the bottom of his pants. He wore two shirts, two pairs of pants, socks the whole bit. We had his play shoes in my purse.

2. The whole way to the theater, the kids kept asking if we could go up on stage. Was dad playing? Were there going to be space to run around? Do we clap along and can we dance? Clearly my kids are only used to one type of concert, so this was very good for them.

3.The kids sat through the whole concert! Little made it almost to the end. I only missed five minutes and I thought that was really impressive. The St. Paul Orchestra presented "Inside Mozart's piano" and they had an actor portraying Mozart and describing this one piece he wrote. He intertwined humor, a crazy laugh and described the music to the kids. The whole concert was 45 min and perfect for the kids to pay attention. It was really fun and Big kept asking all sorts of great music questions. Middle just kept taking off clothes because he was so warm. Go figure.

4. After the concert we played by the fountain. Here was the best picture we could muster of the kids.

Sadly I think shot is better.

If you notice the seat at the bottom of the fountain, the kids took 20 minutes to play on it. At one point there were other kids also walking around on it. I didn't see it happen, but all of a sudden Big was in the same spot as some other kids and he was going to fall into the fountain, so he lept to the higher ring on the fountain. I was sincerely impressed with his jump, even though in the end he did end up in the water. Water up to his calves. We all laughed and the other dad helped him out.

It was a fun morning listening to Mozart, getting all dressed up and venturing into the city. Playing at the park a little and home for a tasty lunch.

At this point I can probably take Big to the orchestra when he is older, but my other two have no interest. Way to boring according to the peanut gallery.