Rhythm and Discipline

My life is in serious need of these two things right now. We are feeling the very negative effects of vacation and lazy days of summer.

My life is lacking rhythm. I take that back, there is always rhythm to life, but I'm not a fan of how mine looks right now. It's all reactive and none of it is proactive. All I do is play catch up and I don't want to plan our days so we are busy. We've been busy this summer and I want us to just wake up, do our morning routine and then find adventure in our yard or house or whatever. I like the idea of days on end with nothing on the calendar, but it's not working for us. I need something on the calendar or I need to make a fun activity feel impromptu but have it already planned for the kids.

When I'm already tired and there's nothing on the calendar, I get lazy. Down right, look at the house and ignore it lazy. I start disengaging with my children because they pose so many demands on me and then I grow tired by the minute.

I'm tired of eating baby carrots, grapes and banana's but too tired to cook.

When my rhythm of life is out of whack, I lack discipline to do the healthy habits that make me feel alive and ready for life. Eating right, exercising, showering regularly, sleeping, reading scripture. I haven't had the discipline for any of these life building activities, but that is going to change. I can't keep going on like this. I need to be proactive in changing the rhythm of my life.

These are my goals:

Wake up every morning at 6am before the kids and three days a week go for a run. The other four days to read and journal and pray. My soul is parched and in dire need of refreshment.

Stick to a strict bedtime of 1030pm. 11pm if Paul is home.

Create a chore schedule so that I don't feel overwhelmed and can tackle just one job a day.

Create one fun puzzle or game or activity for the kids and I per day.

That's all I can commit to right now. I have grand ideas of meal planning again, coupon clipping, pre making meals and freezing them, but frankly I can't think that much still. I'm still trying to survive and hoping just these few things will help.

A toast to better rhythm and bedtime soon! Yay!