Morning breakfast conversation

This made my day. Enjoy.

This morning at breakfast while we delighting in kale/onion/garlic egg scramble with cucumbers and grapes on the side, the boys wanted to know about chicken eggs. How come they weren't babies? I told them it was because the eggs weren't fertilized.

Big (Noah) - "What does fertilized mean?"

me - "The eggs need seed to form a baby chicken."

Middle (Caleb) - "Where does the seed come from?"

me - "From the rooster. The boy has the seed and the girl has the egg. This is the way it works for all boys and girls in animals and in humans." (in my head, I was worried about where this was headed.)

They didn't miss a beat.

Middle - "you have eggs in your tummy? WHaaaT?"

me - "All girls have eggs in their bodies. Remember how I told you that God took a piece of me and a piece of daddy and created a baby? I have the egg, and daddy has the seed. (please don't ask where they come from!!!) When the egg doesn't get the seed, it just washes out of mommy's body. It doesn't become a baby."

Big - "So God goes into your body to make a baby?"

Middle - "No he's already in there remember Noah, he's in your heart, so he travels through your body from your heart to your tummy to make the baby. Right mama?"

me - "well..."

Middle - "But what about the fire?"

me - "what fire? when did we get fire?"

Big - "Ohhhh, remember mama the Holy Spirit came and there was fire on their heads? The disciples got the Holy Spirit after Jesus left, and that's whose with us. Is that in your body?"

Middle - "Noooo, not that fire. God sent down fire remember Noah. They built the rocks and poured water on it and than God shot down fire with his hands, (make explosion noises here).

Big - "Ohhhh, you mean Ahab! Yea he was worshipping Baal and then Elijah threw down a challenge and God sent fire on his alter."

Little just sat there looking at her big brothers like it was a ping pong match stuffing her face with a banana.

I'm not sure how the conversation happened, and for some reason beyond me we started talking about where babies come from and ended up discussing the Holy Spirit and old ancient Biblical kings.

I giggled at the end. At least I didn't have to explain sex. Dodged a bullet there.