My version of Gardening

Between figuring out how to cook GFDF and trying to get our garden planted, there hasn't been much time for anything else. So even though yesterday was a bit chaotic, I took a couple minutes to snap some pictures and welcome you into our process.

But I have found this time of year everyone is posting beautiful pictures of their garden, and that just isn't the case with us. I have three kids tagging around my ankles and they all want to help. The process isn't a pretty one. In the morning, it was just us, after school let out, the other three neighborhood kids came and helped out.

I thought gardening with three kids was a bit much, but with six kids, holy cow! I am really surprised that we weren't covered with dirt from head to toe. Our process started with organization, bring me a cup of water, and then you get to dig the next hole. But then, they realized they could dig their own holes, and all chaos happened. Dirt everywhere, holes wherever it looked good, and we watered everything, even Lu.


Ellie Lu was kind of bossy, so we made her project manager.

Our hose isn't hooked up, so this was our time consuming watering method. The boys brained up this genius idea.

Here's Caleb digging a hole for the spinach.

At some point I lost control, and didn't realize that Caleb wasn't wearing the appropriate shoes.

One had the wrong shoes, and this one decided not to wear any shoes at all. Seriously, whose this child's mother?

Then the neighbors came to help! Notice all the bikes in the yard and all the toys strewn about. I think we had every sandbox toy and cup from our house in our yard at point. It was not a pretty sight, but so enjoyable.

Here's all the kids digging the holes. Most of the dirt stayed in the garden.

Some did not.

Here's what we found when digging our holes, "Look mom garbage!!!"

Here's our neighbor Mcwan helping carry the water.

Here's our other neighbor Jesse watering the plants.

Dirt and water make mud, ask Lu how she feels about that? She loved it! This is her second outfit from the day.

Outfit one didn't make it.

But in the end, we made it. Here is a look at our finished product.

The brown paper bags around the spinach are to help hold off on weeds. Since we are gone a couple weeks out of the summer, I try use any method to help.

So, we don't have beautiful pictures, our just real life in what it looks like to plant with little people around. I hope some of you are able to get in the dirt and grow some of your own food! Its so much fun.

Apparently the kids had so much fun gardening with us, that we are doing it again today! Yay! Please pray for me.