Update on Noah

I realize that many of you read my blog about our experience with Noah and his drastic mood swings and vitamin intake. I thought I would give a little update. We don't go back to the Wellness Center until May 10, but I can confidently say that there is a huge difference in my son. On Easter, my friend Lindsey who had thought it might be a vitamin deficiency, looked at Noah and said, "its good to have you back." Even she could tell he was different.

I will say it again. Noah is a passionate, emotional kid who feels a lot for people. He is also strong willed and stubborn. He will still fight me on issues, but it isn't a 45 minute screaming match battle. My other son isn't putting his hands over his ears anymore. Noah would stand his ground on such random issues when he was angry before. And his anger took over his body and turned to rage. You could see it controlling him, and it scared me.

This doesn't happen anymore. I can always see my son in his eyes. When I say something he doesn't like or doesn't approve of, he will look at me and question me. We will discuss it, and then he will say, "I don't like mom, but I'll do it."

A complete 180. He has been on Zinc and fish oil, plus a multivitamin. That's it, and already he has control again over his body. We haven't had a temper tantrum in more than a week. I almost forgot that we were having multiple episodes each day. Life is now filled with more joy, and normal sibling rivalry.

I will continue to post as things progress. You can count on me posting after our appointment on May 10.

I would like to remind you as well, that I don't consider this a fix it all kind of thing. Other parents have found other avenues to help their children, this is just what is helping ours. (And we aren't done, there is still more to be learned.) People and their bodies are complex. There are wiring issues, emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, etc. Each parent needs to really truly look at their child, pay attention and walk this road with their child to find answers for their family. And parents need to talk to one another, be honest about what is going on at home, to see if other families struggle in the same way. And pray. Prayer is key to allowing God to speak truth into your heart and ears about what is going on with your child. Remember, he created them, he knows more than anyone what they need. Thank you for walking this journey with us.