the Sabbath

I've been on this journey of exploring the Sabbath. I find it interesting that of all the basic 10 commandments, its the one I, and so many choose to ignore. My conclusion is that for myself, I am full of pride and independence that I could choose which things to listen to in scripture and which to not. Now, I believe and follow the doctrine that we are free in Christ, and scripture also says, everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial. I get it. I will still end up in heaven if I don't observe the Sabbath. God will love me the same if I don't do this. That isn't the issue. (I am excited at the idea of the depth in our relationship because of it though.)

If we look at all the things in Scripture that God directs us to do. Don't kill. Don't lie. Don't cheat. Love Him only. Don't commit adultery. Serve others. Give God your first fruits, Etc. All of these things benefit us in some way. All of them protect us and others. And all of them lead us to trusting God to be enough. When these laws/rules/guidelines for living aren't followed then pain and suffering and distrust, anger and hate follow. Brokenness follows. So why don't we, I'll just stick with me. Why don't I believe this to be true regarding the sabbath as well? God put it out there with all the rest of the rules, but I completely ignore it saying that one seems harder to me. It doesn't' fit my schedule. That one doesn't apply anymore. Why am I ignoring the Sabbath? God has it set in place to protect me. To guard me. To love me. To help me. Just like the rest of the rules. Murder hurts people, yes even the one doing it. Adultery hurts everyone. Idolizing anything other than God destroys our relationship with him and gives us a false outlook on life. The Sabbath exists to protect me.

So, with that being said, it was my New Year's resolution to start observing the Sabbath. I haven't done it officially yet. My past behavior would claim since I haven't done it yet and I've missed five weeks, that I should call it a failure and forget it. I won't. I'm starting late, but I'm gonna do it. When talking to my children about it, they got a little confused and thought they had to rest in bed all day. We'll figure out guidelines for this. I haven't searched all of scripture to know exactly how to do this. I am confident it looks different for everyone. And another thing I am sure of is I will not be working tomorrow. A very wise friend told me to start with just a few hours or half a day. Get that much into my habit and then carving out a whole day will be easier in the future. So that is what we are doing.

Tomorrow is our family's first Sabbath. I have the dishes all done. The laundry is done. I have chili made so I don't have to do dishes tomorrow. I will make muffins tonight so I don't have to make breakfast or do dishes. My big goal is not to cook or do dishes. That is work to me. House chores is work, so that will be done today. Being online is work, so I will unplug my computer. I am getting gas today, stopping at the bank and picking up more banana's today. I won't grocery shop tomorrow or run errands.

Prepping for the Sabbath is a lot of work today. But I am excited at the rest that comes tomorrow. Intentional rest. Not, I'm lazy I'm not gonna do anything, but I have prepared for today. Everything is done and ready so I can spend the day with my children and be in the word. I know I won't be perfect at this, and the rules will probably change along the way as I discover what works best for our family. But I want to honor God in what he has set forth for me. Observing the Sabbath is something he said we should do. I'm gonna find out why.