Here are highlights from today:

• Creeped out by how much my kids like grapefruit. There knowledge of how to prepare it, eat it, and thank God for it is weird to me.
• After two days of absolute no listening, number 2 asked to come out of the room this morning, got dressed without being asked, reminded everyone to thank God for their food, asked to be excused every time he needed to leave the table, was in his coat and boots when he heard it was time to leave and said thank you mom. Wow, this one goes in the books!
• Doctor says number 3 is way beyond her development level. I need to watch out for independence, thinking she is bigger than she is, and trying things she isn’t ready for or capable of. No kidding, really?
• While also being beyond her skill level in some areas, number 3 also has decided to stop using her hands to eat and sticks her face to the table and eats like an animal. Awesome. Trade one skill for another I guess.
• Number 1 wore a batman costume all day. I didn’t care.
• I let number 1 and 2 cover their feet in marker so it looked like socks. I didn’t care. It will eventually come off right?
• Discovered that my website was done. Seriously, I have been working on this for over a year and wasn’t sure I could see it happen. I am so thankful for Jon in helping me. It is a rejoicing kind of day.
* Batman beat out Jesus today in superpowers. Jesus didn't raise the dead dog from the dead, batman just did CPR.
* Number 3 is the big bad baby who eats everyone in the village. All superhero's must save the people from her. Poor girl is going to have a complex some day.
• Worked really hard, wrote more notes and outlines for my talk tonight than I usually do. Was feeling awesome about my talk. Got new ink to print it off and left it on my coffee table when I left the house. Seriously? I totally spoke without a net tonight and it freaked me out. I prayed and prayed, God be my words, and he did. I have no idea what I said, so not sure how it went.
• Took all three kids to my speaking event. At the end, number 1 decided to give away as merchandise as I sold. We have to work on his business skills.
• On the way home the kids and I decided that they should host their own show like the brothers on their favorite show Zabomafoo. They decided their show was going to be hosted in superhero costumes. The top ideas of their superhero names are:
o Super sense – the ability to sense evil and fight for good. Also works to have great long lashes to help with seeing
o Pajama boy – fights crime at night while sneaking out of bed
o Girl brother – half boy half girl. Not sure what kind of superpower that is, but hey they’ll figure it out.
o Heart man – he throws hearts and his whole costume is a heart cause he cares so much about people. He loves them to death.

• Oh man these were crazy. Still working on what the daily show would look like, but we can figure that out tomorrow.
• When I have a crazy day and can’t think straight, instead of yelling at the top of my lungs, or quietly meditating, I like to listen to music as loud as humanly possible. Somehow it feels like the loudness pulls out the angst and frustration and crazy. It’s not spiritual, but man it makes me feel better.
• Mmmmm….a cup of coffee and an hour out of the house at Spyhouse. My day is good.