So Paul and I are in throws of our busiest season. One or both of us are gone for five straight weekends. Its crazy right? We didn’t really plan on it, but then the opportunity to go to Haiti happened and I couldn’t pass that up. Paul and his friends got a seven commercial gig and couldn’t pass that up out in PA. This weekend Paul plays a youth event in Austin TX. Next weekend, I’ll be in Dallas for a youth event. I’ve decided to head out a few days earlier, since flights started to dictate a different schedule. This will put me and the kids being gone for 12 days. Fly down to Dallas, drive to Austin, stay there for two days and then drive back. We have all sorts of fun things planned, but mainly its just time with the grandparents.

The decision to leave early came quickly and I’m not sure I feel ready. I still have to pack, pay some bills, and do dishes. I’m tired and really just want to hang out with my husband who I haven’t seen in five days. But I had to make a choice. It got me thinking about how I make choices.

What I discovered was this; I want to be a person who makes decisions based on what brings the most life. There is a time for responsibility and taking care of yourself, and that would bring life. It would be the best decision to take care of you, and renew and refresh your soul. There are also times when you have to make a choice because it means more to someone else.

I decided to leave tomorrow because my children will be able to deepen their relationship with their grandparents and have time to build more memories. The warm weather will be good for everyone’s attitude. I will have help with the kids, which I could totally use. The kids will get time with their cousins which they never get enough of. We get to go swimming at the hotel and the kids get to see what their dad does at youth events. All of these benefits bring life. They enrich everyone’s heart, relationships with each other and refresh our life. It brings about the fullness of life.

Hmmm…the fullness of life. Well to get there, I need to survive three kids on the plane by myself, carrying three suitcases, pushing a stroller, diaper bag, computer bag, and purse. Wish me luck.