The adventure begins

OK Folks,

10 bags packed!

Kitchen cleaned.

Bathroom cleaned.

Five people bathed, nails clipped, hair straight. (well sort of.)

Rides to the airport arranged.

Four babysitters are prepared.

Notes from mom and hot chocolate packed for winter adventures for the kiddos.

All the laundry done and clean sheets on the beds.

Mother-in-law flying out to see me in Indy! yay for surprises.

This weekend, all five of us will be somewhere different. (Well, I guess Lu will be with me.) Its exciting. The kids get special sleepovers and probably more treats and TV than mom usually allows. Who wouldn't like that right?

Paul gets to go to camp and do music with his band. He is excited for slightly warmer temps, camping, playing music and broom ball. I think.

I get to take Lu with me and head on a plane today to Indy. I get to hang out with 350 Junior Highers, speak with my dear friend Henry Graf, and get to work with Cathy Pino, Beckie Alborn and Katie Ernst. Holy Cow I am excited for my weekend.

Noah gets to spend the night with his friend Kieran and then off to his other family, the Hoods to meet up with Caleb. This is after their babysitter today takes them to a dance competetion. Oh my. They will have stories when I come home.

When we are all together after a weekend away, my favorite thing is sitting down and telling stories. I will share some of those stories with you when I return. Until then, have a great weekend. Check my facebook for weekend updates and photo's.