who is dani

Above all things, I am a storyteller. I love stories that draw out our need for community, collaboration, and creative spirit. Stories much like our Hmong, African American, Somalian, and Mexican neighborhood kids who come to help plant the community garden and have designated it the "Friendship Garden". I have a passion and deep love for renewal on the local and global scale. I currently live in North Minneapolis which is a highly diverse, underrepresented and racially-charged part of the city with my husband and three children. For more than a decade I have traveled to emerging countries with a focus on children and healthy programing. More than anything I love the complex nature of trying to reach across cultures, religions and economics gaps. These experiences have dramatically shaped my perspective on social justice and conflict. It is my desire to live a conscious life, which is an awareness of the steady unveiling of the deeper and richer truths that connect us not only to each other, but to the ever present Creator.

My fervent hope is to be a voice that speaks from experiences and personal convictions, all with a desire to create space where people feel comfortable, yet challenged. My wish is that when I am hired for speaking engagements, folks would feel like a friend is coming to dinner. (A good friend, not the awkward friend that reminds you of your crazy uncle. We all have one.)  I believe regardless of age, race, or gender, we can relate to the truth of story. I love to facilitate conversations that are challenging with fellow storytellers, local and global activist and mission workers, creatives, and those that might long for faith, but struggle with the traditions of religion. In the past, those seats of have been in conference halls, bars, churches, community centers, hotels, conference rooms, coffee shops, community gardens, and homes.

In the end, I believe the responsibility of any good storyteller should be transparency and honesty, with a little humor thrown in. For me, the journey we are on - our story - has never been about discovering a new truth, but merely finding our way back to what we have forgotten. For me, it is how my story is built in the power of the Creator’s story lived out in my humanity that gives me an unquenchable hope that not all is lost.

I co-authored my first book, "More Than A Story" based on the importance of story and community. I would be honored if you checked it out.

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