H E R E  I S  W H AT  P E O P L E   A R E   S AY I N G  A B O U T  D A N I 

Inspirational, honest, and passionate. These are all words I would use to describe Dani Tietjen. Listening to her speak is not only enjoyable but takes you to deeper places within your heart and mind. I run a Moms Group and brought Dani in to speak and afterwards I asked moms what they thought - every single one of them said something similar to "Wow. That was amazing! I have so much to think about. She was incredible!" Dani's personal stories, humor, and authenticity make me want to invite her back to speak again and again. She truly has a gift!              Sarah Legband - MOPS Coordinator

Dani Tietjen is a dynamic and entertaining speaker.  She uses personal stories and skilled stage presence to draw her audience in and guide them through the topic at hand.        Katrina Hannemann - Co-founder of Studio Laguna Photography and Gatherhaus

Dani Tietjen is a refreshing voice of the Gospel. She is on fire for Jesus and ignites the faith lives of others with her stories, passion and love for God. Danielle serves up messages of hope and joy that are both energizing and hopeful. She consistently and faithfully shines the bright light of the Gospel in the dark places of life and leaves her listeners with a desire to know the God with whom she is in love. She is a willing vessel, ready and equipped to pour the Grace of Jesus into thirsty hearts.                              Rev. William P. Yonker, Senior Pastor - Immanuel Lutheran Church - East Dundee, IL

Dani is a gifted and passionate speaker! You can feel her great love for the Lord! You will laugh through her realistic stories and then see how God truly does have a big plan for each of us! You will walk away rejuvenated and energized!    Kim Waller - Former Youth Director

Dani Tietjen isn't an author who has to say something. She is an author who has something to say.    Ryan O'Quinn - Actor, Comedian, Author

The Lutheran Adult Gathering, which is held every three years on Michigan's Mackinac Island and attracts many hundreds of participants, was very fortunate to have Dani Tietjen as one of its principal speakers. She was one of the strongest, most eloquent speakers we have ever had (and the Gathering dates back to the early 1980s). Evaluations from participants who attended her sessions were exclusive in their praise of Dani's message, poise, presence and inspirational qualities. As one participant shared, “Thank you for bringing Danielle Tietjen to the Gathering – she is must-see!”    Rich Bearup - President of LCMS Adult Gathering

When Dani came and taught the congregation at The Quarter, I was not only pleasantly surprised by how well she rolled with the punches of logistics and last minute planning of the service, but by the sincerity of her message. You rarely see someone who exudes so much honesty and selfless passion in sharing the love of Christ.    Jeff D. Johnson - Musical Worship Director - The Quarter at Saint Philip the Deacon Lutheran Church, Founder of 117 Productions

Danielle uses real-life stories that the audience can relate to in bringing home the heart of her message. When I listened to her, I was aware of how quiet the room was because everyone sat captivated and focused on what she was saying. What impressed me more about her was how approachable and available she made herself to the group beforehand and afterwards. I walked away inspired.     Amber Harder - Youth Encounter International Team Department

Danielle has charm, humor, and an authenticity that can engage a room of junior high students through adults. She sees the world through the eyes of a person in love with Jesus, and it is obvious through her talks that she strives to follow Him. Her heart for stopping poverty, supporting missions, and encouraging young people to live lives that make a difference make her a fantastic addition to any event or gathering.    Lindsey Schmidt - Director of Christian Education - Woodbury Lutheran Church, Woodbury, MN

Thank you for speaking at Riverside this week. As someone who cares so much for the hearts of these campers, it means so much to me that you took time out of your busy life to invest in their lives. Even beyond speaking at night, I heard from multiple campers that you prayed with them individually or went on walks with them, and they said it was a highlight of their week. It inspired me to spend more genuine extra time with my own youth. Your stories were beautifully told, and your messages were so thought provoking, for myself and my small group. Thank you.       Senior Counselor - Riverside Lutheran Bible Camp

Dani identifies with her audience, engaging them in spiritually relevant conversation. She does not speak down to her audience, but exhorts and challenges her listeners, inspiring them reach for a higher standard. She brings Christ into her midst and glorifies Him in her counsel, and her words are seasoned with salt. She is dynamic and raises the standard, but is not preachy. There is no room for mediocrity when Dani speaks. Words that describe her best are: passionate, current, honest, accessible, intense, approachable, provocative, compassionate, thoughtful and charismatic.      Inga Decker - Audience member

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