Conversational Theology

speaking team

Henry and Dani have been speaking together now for three years, but independently for more than 10 years. Henry and Dani have a desire to bring real conversation with different opinions and ideas to the discussions. This model of speaking is different than many other co-presenters, but they don’t present, they discuss. They talk. They ask questions. They search scripture together. Henry and Dani feel called to invite married couples, youth, families, and young adults into the conversation. They bring the conversation to the table through parables. Parable ministry is quickly becoming their language to communicate their own stories and how God has guided, walked, and directed their paths. Parable ministry is also a wonderful way to invite others to see God in their story.

If you would like to book Dani and Henry to come and speak at your next event, use the contact page to book the duo.  Dani and Henry have taken their conversations to businesses, marriage retreats, colleges, conferences, pubs and coffee shops.  They would even lead a table discussion at your next dinner party.