More than a story

First book by Dani Tietjen and Henry Graf

Book description

It's all about the story.

Her story

His story

Their story

Our story

Everybody has a story, but sometimes a story becomes more.

Stories that transcend geography and echo through eternity take on another name.  Grimms' were called Fairy tales, Aesop had Fables, and what Jesus told bears the name Parable.

How does a story become more than a story?

Is it something for only the smartest, or strongest, or purest of heart? Not at all.  The depth and the beauty is in every story, even those often overlooked.  They are found by those who have had a broken heart or leapt for joy but still come to the table to discover the depth and power in even the ordinary story happening to everyday people.

In More than a Story, Dani and Henry have done exactly that, and they want to invite you to join the conversation.

After years of having their conversation from the stage, they now move it to the page in their first book, "More Than A Story".  If you are interested in checking out the book, go to the publishing or take at look

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