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As a storyteller, Dani is the coauthor of "More than a Story" (2013), travels the country as an inspirational speaker and is active in urban renewal on the north side of Minneapolis. She spends her time heading up a community garden and researching food preservation and the benefits of health and art in underprivileged areas. Dani graduated from CSP as a Director of Christian Outreach with a focus on Theology and Social Justice. You can find out more about who she is at or where she writes weekly.

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Dani Tietjen and Pastor Henry Graf have teamed up to offer a unique conversational presentation. Both professional speakers, they take the stage armed with Bibles and coffee. Dani and Henry discuss everything from embarrassing moments to life-altering moments with God. Realizing that having conversations with friends and mentors helps deepen faith, they decided to take that philosophy to the stage and engage their audience in the conversation. Henry lives with his wife and two daughters in Fort Wayne, IN where he is the pastor at Promise Ministries.  Dani lives with her husband and three kids in Minneapolis, MN where she is a writer and a speaker.